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Taking the strain out of IT

Do you have a business operating from more than one location?
Looking to spend less time sorting out your computer systems?
Does flexible working appeal to you?
Want to save money on your IT?
Need help running and supporting your IT function?

If you need greater flexibility in your business � flexiblity to access PC applications from anywhere with internet access, at any time of the day; flexibility to share applications and files with your staff, wherever they�re based; flexibility to work at home or on the move - check this out.

If you need freedom � freedom from the expense and stress of managing your own IT; freedom from the worry of losing data and damaging your business; freedom from having to back up your files every evening; freedom to get on with running your business - check this out.

If you need to save time � time you spend updating your software and maintaining your hardware; time travelling into the office just to use your networked PC; time wasted when your systems are down; time you could be spending on growing your business � check this out.

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