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Would you like a more flexible phone system but at less cost than your existing setup?

Does your business do business from more than one place - do you have a number of offices, do you have home and flexible workers?

Then discover how the power of the internet can enhance the way you talk to your staff and your customers.

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The future of telephony
Our office phone systems have not changed much for decades. But now they are taking a leap forward with VoIP technology. Within a few years just about all calls will be made using VoIP. So what is VoIP? The clue is in the name - Voice over Internet Protocol. Basically, VoIP involves making phone calls over the internet rather than over traditional phone lines.

Reduced costs
Because you can make many simultaneous phone calls over one internet connection you need fewer traditional phone lines with consequently lower line rental costs. You can even do away with ordinary phone lines all together, although you do need a broadband connection. Not only that, but call charges are lower - 1p a minute to any land line in the UK, USA and Western Europe.

A better way of working
Everybody in your business can be connected by one phone system, whether they are in the same office or on the other side of the world. Someone could simply dial your extension and find you wherever you are: at the next desk, at home, in Timbuktu . . . . There are so many possibilities with VoIP: have your voicemail messages automatically emailed to you wherever you are, use a London phone number for your business based in the South West, see if the person you want to speak to is on the phone before you make the call . . . .

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